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Synthesis and custom synthesis

We can carry out custom syntheses ranging from a small-scale laboratory experiment right up to the pilot plant scale. To achieve this, we have three autonomous laboratory units that run through the project in question until the desired quantity is achieved.

While in the gram lab we start with reaction vessels on a ml scale, going up to 10-litre reactors, the reactors that we use in the kilo lab can accommodate volumes of up to 60 litres with accompanying work-up facilities.

The XL lab is kitted out for reactors with volumes of over 60 l. It can also deal with bigger installations with a floor space requirement up to 25 m2, and tall installations up to 5 m. Depending on the requirements of the process we use glass or stainless steel reactors, which can also be fitted with appropriate cladding if needed. These reactors can also be operated under protective gas.

For reactions under pressure, we have a range of stainless steel autoclaves allowing us to cover the ranges of 100 bar / 300°C / 0.1 - 7 l and 10 bar / 200°C / 30 l.

As well as standard processes, we specialise in:

  • syntheses under anhydrous and inert gas conditions
  • syntheses involving highly toxic reagents or products (e.g. cyanide, including hydrocyanic acid, phosphines)
  • syntheses involving pyrophoric reagents or products (e.g. metal alkyls, phosphines)
  • syntheses with highly reactive, toxic, inflammable or pyrophoric gases (e.g. chlorine, hydrogen chloride, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, phosgene, carbon monoxide, acetylene, phosphine)
  • syntheses under pressure

VeZerf is perfectly equipped to deal with a broad spectrum of custom syntheses , both from an equipment perspective and in terms of our preparatory expertise.

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