Skilled personnel and education

Working in a VeZerf laboratory requires a high degree of specialist skills and experience in the field of preparatory and analytical chemistry which goes well beyond the usual level for lab technicians. Our colleagues must gain a number of years of experience before they can lead a synthesis team.

For this reason, VeZerf mainly recruits colleagues as apprentices so that we can continue to train them as a chemistry lab technician for years after they have completed their apprenticeship.

Continuity in the quality of our work is ensured by continually passing on our learning from many years of practice to our less experienced colleagues.

VeZerf believes in the power of team spirit and we are very proud of all our colleagues who contribute to the success of the Vezerf family through their unwavering dedication and personal commitment.

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We use a range of powerful, state-of-the-art analysis methods to conduct process control measures and provide evidence of the quality of our products.
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